Bradley James - Merlin

Today's post is about the TV serie Merlin and esp Prince Arthur....

He makes my heart mel everytimes he speaks from his heart :-)

I like the way Bradley plays his character of Arthur and love his lovestory with Gwen (Angel Coulby)

And apart from that, also like the storyline, Merlin and Arthur's friendship...the Lady bad Morgana...

Ianto Jones

Well, this is my first post so i hope it will be ok, lol

I'd like to make a post everyday with a photo and a little comment about TV actors i like/found cute and today, i'm going to start with : gareth david-lloyd alis "Ianto Jones" in "Torchwood"

I really like his character in Torchwood, first, shy but then, he turned out to be a tough and funny guy....also like his relationship with Captain Jack (John Barrowman) was sad seeing dying....
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